Oat Hill Mine Rd. Trail

As of 11/10/17, due to impacts from the Tubbs Fires of October 2017, Mount St. Helena Trail is closed for resource protection post-fire and public safety. Table Rock Trail, Palisades Trail, & Historic Oat Hill Mine Road are all open. Visit the official park website for the latest closure information.


While this trail is technically in Napa County, we can’t not mention it, due to its extremely scenic one-of-a-kind views.

We highly recommend this steep, challenging trail – the views of Napa Valley (and beyond), spring wildflowers, and interesting geologic formations can’t be beat. Bring lots of water, it can be very hot and dry here.

Trail map

Oat Hill Mine Rd. Trail Map (Map Credit: Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District)

Official Website

Official Oat Hill Mine Rd. Trail Website


Directions to Oat Hill Mine Rd. Trail (Google Map)

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