Sonoma Hiking Trails – Encouraging the Exploration of Sonoma County

The intention of SonomaHikingTrails.com is to consolidate in one location all of the information for publicly-accessible day hike trails in Sonoma County, California.

This site grew out of frustration with a lack of one-stop shop for hiking information for the region – public land ownership in Sonoma County is fragmented, and the numerous public and private land agencies in Sonoma County all have their own websites with varying amounts of information that the hiker actually needs. Prior to this site, it was at best challenging to find a map of where you could go for a hike.

Whether you are looking to go for a walk, stroll, jaunt, hike, trek, or expedition: Sonoma Hiking Trails will show you where you can go.

We’ve got exciting things planned – check back soon!

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